Automated delivery system from restaurants and stores of any complexity. Truly any

Web Delivery

Launch your own food delivery service within a month

No subscriptions, pay once and the system is yours forever
Web Delivery is an automated online platform for food delivery. Our team will create a website and a PWA for you, integrate them with all systems, set up payment and order delivery with any number of cash registers and legal entities within one network.

Suitable for businesses of any scale and complexity

You can choose a standard solution, and we will integrate it within a few days. You will have all the features: storefront, loyalty programs, acquiring, delivery, and SMS authorization.
One restaurant
or a small café
We'll build an automated system for you based on Iiko or R-keeper, which will automatically distribute orders to the appropriate restaurant, take into account the restaurant's schedule, and calculate the delivery cost from different locations.
Restaurants and shops
A restaurant chain with different legal entities, delivery zones, and franchising
Street Food
Cafes and bakeries
How does
it work
Storefront website
We'll create a product showcase with modifiers on Bitrix by uploading your restaurant's menu. We can either set up our design with your colors and logo or develop a visual solution from scratch.
Integrations with accounting systems
We integrate the website with the cash register system you use (iiko, R-keeper, 1C, and others). Order receiving and processing, menu management, and inventory management occur in the familiar environment.
Payment and acquiring
Orders can be paid for directly on the website. We will promptly assist in connecting both internet acquiring and mobile cashier, as well as launching other banking products.
Progressive Web Application
We will create a PWA (Progressive Web Application) for the website. A Progressive Web App adds app-like functionality to the website: in the desktop browser, it remains a regular website, while in the mobile browser, PWA turns it into a hybrid of a website and an application.
Loyalty program
We connect the system to existing loyalty programs (Prime Hill and Premium Bonus) and help launch your own promotions: with promo codes, discounts, points payment, and automatic registration in the program.
We automate delivery and pickup from various locations. You can set conditions and delivery zones with different costs and integrate the system with Yandex Go for automatic courier dispatch. Geolocation will automatically find the customer and assist them in arranging delivery.
Key elements
in our product
Automatic addition of a gift starting from a specified amount with the option to choose from multiple options
Modifiers of various costs and groupings are automatically uploaded from your restaurant.
Great for combos and lunches.
The ability to add restaurants in different cities with different details
Add to cart
$ 5.99
Beef noodles in pepper sauce
Promotional prices for dishes and drinks
Additional properties in products:
spicy, bestseller, new arrivals, gluten-free.
Different catalog display options: unified grid or separate category pages
Multi-brand delivery: the ability to add several different restaurants with delivery to one website
We can group products by sections or show them all at once on the main page
And that's not all
Flexible setting of delivery time and menu sections
We can set up delivery schedules for different days and add sections that are available only at certain times, such as breakfasts and lunches.
The order and payment are received by the designated restaurant
Orders are automatically distributed to the appropriate location, taking into account the legal entity and banking details of the restaurant. You can easily connect franchise points to a unified system.
SMS authentication with spam protection
Customers can easily access the website using their phones. You will be protected from spammers, bots, and scammers, and you will also receive data for marketing activities.
Order notification system
The system will send automatic messages about new orders to the restaurant so that the staff stays informed.
Technical support for 2 months
Our specialists will be on hand to promptly address any integration issues and ensure the smooth operation of the service.
The system is hosted on our hosting
Everything remains with you: the website, customer database, and all data. You can make any changes and hire any specialists to work with the service.
Leave a request — we will tell you more about the system, analyze your case, and find a solution.
See the system
in action live
A chain of Chinese cuisine cafes. Integration with Iiko. 9 legal entities, different payment systems, and the Premium Bonus loyalty program, all united on one website.
Café with healthy food. Integration with Iiko and the Prime Hill loyalty program. Discount promotional codes. Added operating hours for café categories: breakfast from 9 to 16.
Hot dogs from Garik Khаrlamov. 7 delivery points. Integration of menu and orders with Iiko. Prime Hill loyalty program.
4 restaurants of the DNK Food chain in different color designs, managed by one dashboard. Integration with iiko, 5 different legal entities.
Delivery from 4 restaurants. Integration with Iiko and the Prime Hill loyalty system. The catalog is organized with tile categories.
Delivery and self-pickup from 5 restaurants of Aram Mnatsakanov on one website. Integration with Iiko.
Delivery from a fine dining restaurant. Integration of menu and orders with Iiko.
Delivery and pickup in Mozhaysk. Integration of orders and menu with iiko. Prime Hill loyalty program. Online payment through "Alfa Bank".
Café of Pan-Asian cuisine. Integration of orders and menu with Iiko. Prime Hill loyalty program. Custom design.
Delivery in Sochi. Integration of menu and orders with Iiko. Premium Bonus loyalty program.
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